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Sewer Connections

Plumbing ServicesWe specialize in septic to sewer connections that require homeowners and businesses to abandon septic tanks and connect their sewer drain pipe to the new city sewer system provided in the swale area.

We provide the service of abandoning the septic tank and connecting the property into the new city sewer provided in the swale area.

Our quotes include obtaining all permits required, pumping out the septic tank, abandoning the septic tank, connecting the home to the new city sewer provided in the swale area and restoring the property back to the original condition.

  • We restore/repair concrete, pavers, asphalt, rocks, and grass.
  • We guarantee a quality job with as little disruption to the property owner as possible.
  • We only use the best parts, pipe and fittings.
  • We also provide a full one year warranty for all parts and labor.
  • We have worked with various municipalities in completing the septic to sewer connections.

We have also been working with various city and county inspectors as well as engineers for the last 12 years which has aided us in the ability to provide and install these services in a professional and timely manner.

All of our employees and trucks are easily identifiable with the company name which enables property owners to easily identify when our employees are on their property.

Sewer Connections Showcase

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  • Our History

    A1 Underground & Plumbing Services is a family owned, fully licensed and insured plumbing company. We have built an excellent reputation around our quick work ethic and excellent customer service.

    We have been servicing Broward County for the past 21 years and we have been located at the same location for all these years!

  • Our Pledge

    We are dedicated to getting our job completed in a timely manner while maintaining a professional work ethic and providing excellent customer service. Every customer is important and every job gets the same attention.

  • Our Warranty

    We are a fully licensed and insured Plumbing Contractor and Landscape Contractor and all of our work, parts & labor has a one year warranty.

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